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So, if you're here only for the wallpapers/occasional icons, no need to ask me to add you, you won't see anything more. You can add me, no problem, no need to ask, but I won't add you back.

Which means that, if we've never talked at all before, chances are that I won't add you. Nothing personal, I'm just not a party bunny. (and why would you want to be my lj friend if we've never talked even once, anyway?)

That being said, here are a few infos that might help you if you ever think about wanting to be on my f-list.

The easiest (and possibly quickest) way to know whether we have common tastes is to check out

which is (as made obvious by the name) the tumblr where I put everything that I like. While mostly fandom(s) related, there are also hints at other things I'm interested in. Anything there is conversation starter material (if you're not afraid of me going on and on and on about it.)

Tumblr notwithstanding, here's a quick overview!

→ I used to like Arashi a whole lot, but my interest in them has slowly but steadily started to fade. If you know me from there, I'm afraid there won't be much use in trying to engage in long and passionate conversations about them anymore, as I do not follow their activity as much as I used to (or even at all, really.)

→ Things that I like/am currently interested in (in no particular order) : photography, stories, Generation Kill, Band of Brothers, The Pacific (yes, I am one of those), Merlin, The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter (LOTR and HP being never-ending situations, I reckon), reading, graphic design, interior design, characters, traveling, Mr Eames (+Inception), soundtracks, watching more movies, The Social Network, improving my general culture (which is absolutely pathetic), the English language, complex dynamics between characters, comparing cultures/customs, foreign languages/linguistics. More reading. etc.

→ I'm a bit shy, maybe. Sort of boring, too. Mostly, I'm not very good at social interactions. (but I am perfectly okay with it.)

→ I often forget to comment, even when I actually have something to say, which means I won't spam your journal. It also means that you might think I don't give a shit about you, which isn't true, it's just that I'm not good at these things.

→ I am French, so, please, forgive the approximative English. (although I dare think that my level is at least decent by now.)

And that's pretty much all there is to know.
If you have any question, ask away!

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